BSI's Managed Print Services™ (MPS) Redefines How Your Business Controls Imaging Costs Across the Board
"Organizations are beginning to realize that creating a strategy to proactively manage and combine reproductive costs attached to producing images on Copiers and Printers can equate to unbelievable savings, in some cases greater than 30% annually." - Industry Accountant

We offer a full spectrum of managed print services for everyone from small businesses up to large, multinational corporations. Click on one of our services below to learn more.

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Unlike many of our competitors, BSI is committed to Managed Print Services. Our differentiator is the ability to create a scalable, customized program that meets the specific needs of the client. Our MPS representatives take the time to understand your business model, operational needs, office workflow and fiscal goals.

Our clients appreciate our commitment to really listen. Our competitors typically offer a lot of bells and whistle reports attempting to camouflage a very rigid solution. BSI's ability to service all printers is pivotal and enhances our service offering. Our staff comprises greater than 100 years of expertise in the imaging industry and understands the importance of combining production with cost effective equipment from HP to Lexmark.

Our goal is to create a strategy for your organization to implement, not to convince you to replace your current equipment with all new equipment. It's a simple formula...right size + consolidation + strategic integration = solutions that make sense and save money for our clients.

Speak to a BSI MPS representative and we can arrange a no-cost audit to take a comprehensive look at your imaging environment. We promise, it will provide your organization, whether large or small, with options that you never knew existed. As you well know, options always equate to greater fiscal control and savings.

Simply, purchase all laser toner supplies from BSI and benefit from significant cost reductions and service related expenses.
"Your competitors just didn't get it! We only wanted simple options to extend the life of our current equipment and not ready to make a capital expenditure for new equipment" - New BSI Client

BSI's Print Shield™ is a comprehensive and flexible service program providing service coverage for your organizations printers and multi-function imaging devices without the need to monitor meter counts. Simply, purchase all laser toner supplies from BSI and benefit from significant cost reductions and service related expenses.

Because we believe so strongly in the quality of our products, service labor calls, and common parts replacements are some of the benefits included in each PrintShield™ program. The beauty of PrintShield™ is the ability of each client to customize a program to meet their needs. A PrintShield™ customer service representative will personally review your process and provide best practices suggestions to optimize the performance of your specific business model. We can personally manage your inventory or work closely with your internal representative to handle all matters pertaining to the operation and performance of your equipment.

PrintShield™ offers back end support at no charge through the utilization of BSI's licensed monitoring software, AXESS™. AXESS™ is able to track toner levels, page counts and service needs. AXESS is HIPPA, SOX, GLBA, and FISMA compliant and secure; it only records how you print, not what you print. Designated end users can view all information regarding their fleet of equipment in real-time. If you require reporting, AXESS™ is able to generate reports that provide a snapshot of your current fleet or information enabling IT and purchasing to effectively manage and monitor your entire process.

The ability to manage and monitor your imaging resources is made simple with BSI's PrintShield™ program.

Do you know how much your business prints in a month? Do you have any idea how much that documents cost your business each time you print to your desktop printer or MFP? If your answer is "No", you are not alone. Most businesses have no idea how much it costs to maintain an imaging environment regardless of the size. BSI's Managed Print Assessment™ provides your organization with real-time data that uncovers these expenses and creates a cost-effective strategy that typically equates to a 25-40% reduction to your bottom-line. For the first time, you will be able to make prudent business decisions to control capital equipment expenditures, supply costs and paper consumption without compromising productivity. Unlike our competitors, we provide this service at no-cost to you and it requires minimal participation from you or your staff. BSI's Managed Print Assessment™ empowers you to remain lean, increase productivity and become proactively engaged in imaging cost management.

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